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In our lives today, different health problems and issues has occur on every human being. As each day pass by some people are afraid and concern about their health Issues. People make sure they always follow the advice from the books about health Issues, doctors and even relatives or friends. Today in particular, we will be talking or discuss about two of the human system of the body. This two system are one of the important system that help us in our lives but also that cause diseases to our human body which might also lead us to death. These two system are Respiratory and Circulatory system.

First of all, to discuss this two important system of human body. We need to know and understand the brief background of this two system.
humrespsys_1 Respiratory System or ventilatory system, this system is to help the blood to carry oxygen and sent it all throughout our body. This works when we try to breath in oxygen. Nose, lungs and etc are some of the significant parts that makes the system work. Animals and plants also have Respiratory system.

Lastly the Circulatory System
Also known as the blood distribution network, This system is an organ system that passes the nutrients inside our body to and create cells to help and fight against deceases. It also maintain our body temperature and to maintain homeostasis. Some people also consider circulatory system as composed of the cardiovascular, which distribute blood throughout our body. There are also two types of fluids that moves Through the circulatory system. Blood and Lymph, Lymph is essentially recycled blood plasma after it has been filtered from the blood cells and returned to the lymphatic system. The blood, heart, and blood vessels form the cardiovascular. The cardiovascular system and the lymphatic system collectively make up the circulatory system.

Now we all know the background and meaning of respiratory and circulatory system. We will now talk about the two articles that I chose and how did these two article affect our respiratory and circulatory system. Which will also help us learn more about the two system.

First Inhaling of Cold/Hot Air
When one says that the climate here is good, he usually means that the climate or the weather here is not too cold but not too hot. Climate/Weather can also affect our Respiratory system, when the weather was hot it might cause us heatstroke, dehydration and etc but you may wonder if cold weather also affect our body when we inhale cold air. Yes it does, when we inhale cold air using our nose or mouth, his air tubes contract which makes the air flow difficult. When we constantly breath in cold air especially workers that works in a really cold weather can lead to frequent lungs contract which can lead to premature aging of the lungs it can also cause lungs disorder like asthma.

Second Exercise
When we exercise daily, it also affects our Circulatory System. It helps improve our heart health and higher chance to prevent heart diseases. As we exercise our heart beats faster and faster as the body is demand for more oxygen. This affect our Circulatory system because first of all, circulatory system consist of your heart,blood vessels and also blood. As we exercise daily our heart become stronger and will pump more blood throughout our body. People who exercise often their body and heart become stronger and have a lower risk to develop heart diseases also they have a lower of resting heart rate than the ones who doesn’t really exercise.

From all the Articles we have discussed earlier I have learn many things like the First Article, we all learn that not just hot temperature could affect our respiratory system but also cold temperature. When we inhale cold air our lungs/air tubes contract which could also cause diseases to our body. Also second article we also learn that as we exercise our body and heart became stronger which have a higher chance to prevent heart diseases compare to the one who doesn’t exercise.

Base from what I have learn in the two articles we can answer this question:How can the information from the article be beneficial to you and the community?

We can be more alert about our own health and more conscious about our health for our parent,children when you grow up and also people around you who you really care. Based on the two article we can see that there are different ways that could affect our circulatory and respiratory which has it’s own advantage and disadvantage and these articles could helps us learn and be more aware about our health. Like the second article we learn that exercise has the lower risk to develop heart diseases, if we are concern about our health we can do exercises everyday to help our body.

After we all know how can these information from the article help us let’s move to the next question:What issues about respiratory system or/and circulatory system are discussed in the article?

1.Breathing of hot/cold air into our body
Base on the first article the issue that was discussed in the article was asthma. It is shown that as we breath in cold air it makes our breathing more difficult which has the higher chance to develop asthma. Second Issues is our heart diseases, base on the second article we all learn that as we exercise our heart become stronger and healthier which has the lower risk to develop a heart diseases.images (1)

After all the question I have answered earlier, I will write about my stand about the issues:

First Article breathing of cold air,base from what I have learn in the articles and about the two system if we live in a place where the temperature is really cold or hot. It can also affect our respiratory system and cause diseases to our body but we can’t really change the temperature of the climate for our own benefit. Maybe we can try to transfer and live in a place where temperature are nice but all I can say is we don’t really have to transfer place where there are better weather cause if everyone would want to transfer place and live where there are better weather then less people would live in a place where weather are too cold/hot.

Second Article exercise,from what I have read and learn about this article I think I really agree people should exercise daily. It could help us in strengthening our body and heart which can also help us to have a lower risk to develop some hearth diseases. We people should exercise daily especially children and parent, children nowadays likes to stay home and play their video games the whole day which is bad for their health. Children should experience outdoor activities or hang out with their friend and play sports which is good for their health compare to playing video games at home.Also parent this days parent always focus on their works and they are too busy working. Some parent are getting sick because of their lack of exercise, they should also spent their time more on exercise, playing sport with friends or children which can help them becoming more healthy and not to worry about their health problems.

Please do not give comment like “Nice”, “Great Job” or etc

Thanks you so much for reading it and Hope you enjoy and learn from it!! 😀


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